Zone of Dziubinska | A Gallery Devoted to Anulka Dziubinska

Born in Preston to Polish descent, petite blonde Anulka Dziubinska was a finalist at the 1970 Miss United Kingdom contest and worked as a blackjack Bunny for the London Playboy club. Playmate of the Month in the May 1973 Playboy, Anulka's most enduring legacy is on the screen, appearing as uninhibited bisexual vampire Miriam in Joseph Larraz's softcore opus VAMPYRES. Co-starring in Ken Russell's LISZTOMANIA and the film version of THE LIKELY LADS, Dziubinska retreated to TV bit parts in THE TOMORROW PEOPLE, MAGNUM P.I., and FALCON CREST. A practitioner of Zen Buddhism, and currently a florest in Los Angeles, Anulka co-wrote Zen Flowers: Designs to Soothe the Senses and Nourish the Soul, published in 2006.


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