Realm of Richmond | A Gallery Devoted to Fiona Richmond

The daughter of a vicar, and once an air stewardess, Fiona Richmond earned her sexploitation stripes as a columnist for Men Only. Alongside her writing "career," Richmond was the headliner in a succession of lover Paul Raymond-sponsored West End stage shows before screen roles beckoned. When the cinematic sex market tired at the end of the 1970s, Fiona achieved some kind of respectability on TV game shows such as CELEBRITY SQUARES and BLANKETY BLANK. Although Richmond's popularity pre-dated Mary Millington, the draw of Fiona waned upon the arrival of the fresh, sexual liberation qualities of Millington. The tall brunette became overshadowed by the short blonde, with punters preferring Mary's girl-next-door demeanour to Fiona's more remote sophistication [text abridged from '"I'm Fiona ... Fly Me!"' post 1/5/18].




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